A place to celebrate a wonderful life.

Welcome to Ripspot®, a more personal, eco-friendly way to celebrate a loved one or pet who has passed away. A Ripspot is a virtual pin that marks a place that meant a lot to your loved one. Perhaps it was a beach, a city park, the place they were born, a ski slope, a golf hole, or their favorite fishing spot. Wherever it was, now you can drop a pin, create a biography and photo gallery, and share with friends and family.

A Ripspot is ideal for marking the spot where cremated ashes were scattered, and it can serve as a wonderful obituary. Simply locate, create and share.

How It Works

Getting Started

We will guide you through the three easy steps to help celebrate a loved one who has passed. After you’ve chosen a location and created their biography and photo gallery, you’ll be ready to share with friends and family. We believe the process of celebrating a loved one should be simple and affordable.

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Our Mission

Losing a loved one or pet will never be easy. At Ripspot we are committed to using technology to make the process more relevant, affordable and eco-conscious. We are a proud member of 1% for the Planet. By giving 1% of our gross revenues to nonprofit environmental causes, we are helping ensure our planet and future generations thrive.

A Place to Celebrate

Mark meaningful places. Write a biography. Create a photo gallery. Share with friends and family.

Helpful tips and FAQs

  • Is a Ripspot a place where ashes have been scattered?

    Creating a Ripspot is a wonderful way to mark the location where a loved one’s ashes have been scattered, but a Ripspot is not dependent on ashes or a burial. It can simply be a virtual demarcation of a meaningful place. If you plan to scatter a loved one’s ashes and use a Ripspot to mark the location, we recommend that you check with local municipalities and private property owners before doing so. Some restrict the scattering of ashes.

  • Are pets allowed?

    Yes. We see dogs, cats, horses, even goldfish and turtles, as beloved family members. A Ripspot is a wonderful way to honor pets too.

  • What is the fee for?

    We believe your experience should be as simple and affordable as possible. We charge a fee because we do not sell advertising on our platform. The fee allows us to host content and continually improve our technology. A traditional burial in a cemetery can cost thousands of dollars, and while cremation may be a more affordable choice, there are costs associated with that as well. You can ask your local funeral director or cemetery for their price list.