Helpful Tips

This video will show you how to create a Ripspot.

Other Tips:

While you can always add photos to a gallery later, it will be helpful to gather them into one folder, before you begin creating a Ripspot. This will make it easier to find and upload them.

It can be helpful to write the biography ahead of time, cutting and pasting it into the biography section of Ripspot when you're ready.

It can take time to gather photos and relevant information. As you create a Ripspot, your edits and content are auto-saved, allowing you to finish at a later time, before sharing it with friends and family. You’ll always be able to edit the Ripspot, adding photos as you come across them.

If you'd like to invite other people to help add photos, pins or contribute to the biography, you can share administrative capabilities with them. To do so, click the "admin" button associated with the Ripspot in your account settings. All you will need is their email address, however they will need to have their own Ripspot account. Ask them to create their own account first.

You can also transfer an account to someone else, giving them complete ownership of a Ripspot. To do this, choose "admin" under account settings, then the "transfer" option.

If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to let us know by sending an email

Helpful tips and FAQs

  • Is a Ripspot a place where ashes have been scattered?

    Creating a Ripspot is a wonderful way to mark the location where a pet or a loved one’s ashes have been scattered or buried, but it is not dependent on ashes or a burial. It is a virtual demarcation of a meaningful place. If you plan to scatter or bury ashes, we recommend that you check with the local municipality as they may restrict doing so.

  • Can we create a Ripspot for a person?

    Ripspot is a platform for celebrating loved ones who have passed away. While we have designed the platform for celebrating the lives of pets, we do allow its use for celebrating all of our loved ones.

  • What is aquamation?

    Aquamation is an end of life service that is similar to cremation in that the family receives ashes, only the process uses water and alkali to accelerate the natural decomposition of a body. Aquamation uses 90% less energy than flame cremation, making it a more eco-friendly alternative. Ask your veterinarian or funeral director if aquamation is an option in your area.

  • What do I do if my pet dies at home?

    You can call your veterinarian or a local crematory or aquamation provider to make arrangements for end of life services. Most will schedule a pick-up of the body. There are even Funeral Homes devoted to pet services. If you choose to bury your pet, we recommend you check with your local municipality to be sure that is allowed.

  • Who creates a Ripspot?

    In most cases it is a surviving loved one who creates a Ripspot. They are responsible for the biography, photo gallery, and any videos the Ripspot links to. The creator of a Ripspot has administrative access to it, but that access can be shared with others.

  • Can more than one person make a Ripspot?

    Yes. When you create a Ripspot, you can give others administrative access, allowing them to upload photos and write copy.

  • Can one Ripspot be for more than one person or pet?

    Each Ripspot includes unlimited pins. Each pin designates a meaningful place to a loved one, but it is associated with just one biography and photo gallery. If you’d like to pin more than one person or pet in a location, you’ll need to create separate Ripspots.

  • Can I transfer my administrative role or ownership of a Ripspot to someone else?

    Yes. You only need a person’s email address to transfer.

  • Can videos be added to a Ripspot?

    Yes. We allow for hyperlinks to be included in a biography so you can share videos hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, and other sites.

  • Is a Ripspot permanent?

    Yes, insofar as it is a virtual demarcation of a meaningful place, viewable online or via smartphone. Our mission is to contemporize how we celebrate a loved one who has passed, and we are committed to using technology to make the process more relevant, affordable, and eco-conscious. Our devices may evolve over time, but a Ripspot’s content is currently stored and served using cloud-based technology.

  • If I see an error on a Ripspot or find content offensive, what should I do?

    If you find something inaccurate or offensive, please bring it to our attention by contacting us. Celebrating a loved one is a very sensitive topic, and we take it very seriously. While we respect individual choices, we reserve the right to contact the administrators of each Ripspot to correct errors and address offensive material. We also reserve the right to remove Ripspots if action is not taken. See our terms and conditions for more information regarding this matter.